Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Track Attendance with Google Docs

Old Way of Tracking Attendance

A lot of businesses need to track employees attendance. Either they use do-it-yourself approach and they record arrivals and departures on a sheet of paper, or they collect attendance data in an Excel or a Google Spreadsheet.

The only problem with this approach is, that you have to do it manually - type in arrival, type in time of departure and at the end of a month manually count reports for payroll.

Pretty tedious and error-prone aproach.

Expensive Employee Attendance Systems

Obviously, there exist myriads of attendance tracking systems. But the problem is that most of these systems are expensive to purchase and are complicated to use and not all businesses can afford them.

Tracking Attendance with QR Codes

In  our solution, we use Android smartphones or tablets and QR codes to track employee attendance. Data are processed and stored in powerful Google cloud.

How It Works

Each employee has assigned an ID card containing a QR code. QR codes are easy to create (with our solution you can generate ID cards straight in Google Docs) and can be easily scanned on smartphones equipped with front or rear camera.

Secondly, the mobile attendance consists of one or more mobile Android clients. These can be smartphones or Android tablets installed at the entrance to your office, at a reception, or you can track attendance on the go, for example on a construction site or at a conference.

Lastly, attendance data are sent form mobile clients to a Google Spreadsheet, where are stored for review and further processing.

You can see the Mobile Attendance in action in this video.

Try It Out for Free

First of all, you need to install our Android application Mobile Attendance and you can use it for 14 days for free.

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