Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Church Attendance Tracking - See How Momentum Church Uses Mobile Attendance

Church Membership & Attendance Tracking

In this article, you can learn how to take advantage of Mobile Attendance for Church Membership and Childrens Ministry Attendance tracking. Momentum Church uses Mobile Attendance each Sunday morning and during other church events primarily to track the attendance of children in their children’s ministries. They also track volunteer sign in for these ministries as well as general attendance of their members each week. Momentum Church chose Mobile Attendance because of it’s added security, organization, Google Apps integration, CRM integration, and low cost of operation.

Integration with Solve360 CRM

Momentum Church uses Solve360, a cloud based, Google Apps integrated CRM where they maintain a database of families, individuals, and children who attend their ministries each week.

Database information is submitted by church members via registration form on Momentum Church’s website. This information is then entered into the CRM. From the CRM, this data is then exported directly into the ID Cards spreadsheet used by Mobile Attendance for creating the individual ID cards for each child or member.

We assisted Momentum Church in automating the export of records from the Solve360 CRM by customizing the part of the Mobile Attendance solution which generates unique ID cards with QR codes.

These ID cards are then used by the parents of the children to identify themselves during arrival and departure from the Children’s Ministries each week. Attendance data is available on several PC’s, tablets,and phones throughout the building. The real time attendance data is used by church volunteers, staff, and security personnel to help keep children safe and parents worry free while they enjoy their adult service.

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